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This article relies on information from the Immure demo. It may or may not be valid in the full release.

Hanging from a nail in the wall

The handgun is an item in Immure.

Description[edit | edit source]

Old trusty.

~ inventory menu

My aging pistol. It's given me confidence more than I'm willing to admit over the years.

~ on inspection

Location[edit | edit source]

It is located in a holster hanging from the wall in Downstairs Hallway just past the wooden door. Approaching it initiates some dialogue from Will and the discovery of a letter that explains its use.

Use[edit | edit source]

When Will has ammunition, the handgun can be used to temporarily incapacitate Wraiths, providing a ready alternative to charged Shining Trapezohedron pulses and simple evasion as methods to deal with threats. Handgun Ammo is very limited, however, so the handgun is probably best used as a last resort.