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This article relies on information from the Immure demo. It may or may not be valid in the full release.

On a bathroom sink

Matches are an item in Immure.

Description[edit | edit source]

Small book of matches.

~ inventory menu

Found these on the bathroom sink in Apartment B3 [sic]. Has an advertisement for a cheap Polish restaurant on the front. Kinda makes me hungry.

~ on inspection

Location[edit | edit source]

They are located in Apt B4 on the bathroom sink. As of demo version 1.05, the message on inspection misidentifies the apartment as B3.

Use[edit | edit source]

They can be used to light the candles in the apartment building, most importantly the one on the strange memorial at the door to Apt A6. Another candle can be found right in Apt B4, and yet another is in Apt B3 Bedroom, which is accessed via the bedroom room in Apt B4.