Suicide Note

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This article relies on information from the Immure demo. It may or may not be valid in the full release.

The suicide note

The Suicide Note is one of the clues Will discovers and records in the apartment in Immure.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

This clue is added to the list when Will picks up the suicide note inside Apt B6.

Text[edit | edit source]

Found this hand written note inside of A6.

"I have failed at this life. One simple fucking job to save those who needed it most. Since that summer day I have withered away to nothing but a drunken waste of a man. Maybe that's all I really have ever been. I failed little Anne-Marie, poor girl burned to death trying to save her stuffed animal. And Tom, a talented musician and friend who trusted me, now just another life wasted by my incompetence. What a shit friend I was that couldn't even keep him safe.

Why should I deserve to live? Anne-Marie will never play with her toys again, never grow up and experience life. Tom will never go home to see his wife and children, never play his piano in another concert hall. I don't deserve forgiveness, but I found a way to get out of all of this. He said he can help me, all I have to do is give in.

[Illegible]fter all, if I can forget all of this and find eternal happiness then why wouldn't I agree?"